Pictures doubling up on threads

How do i post a picture without it appearing twice? i used to do it via photobucket but now when i put the img code into the link box it posts the picture twice.

I’ve worked it out, i put the direct link rather than the IMG link now.

Which link format were you using, as it might still be a bug worth looking at?

I clicked the link button at top of thread box, then entered the IMG code from Photobucket, That was posting double pictures.


If you put the Direct Link code from Photobucket into the Link box it only posts 1 picture

Yup direct links for images, gifs, videos etc are supported

Ahh, okay.  If you use IMG code on a photo hosting site you only need to paste it into the editor.

IMG code needs to be translated by the forum, so when you use the link button with it the two methods will likely conflict and cause things like doubling up.

Although for images you should only need to paste the code into the editor whichever method you use.