Picture help on PC please..

Hellooo, how do I get to see pictures if they come up in small square with red x in it. I can get most pics but not some. If i right click and ‘show picture’ still doesnt work. Is there something i have to download or set up on pc?

thanks in advance

Usually not, if there is a red square instead of the picture, it either means that the picture is not longer available or the link to the picture no longer exists or your firewall is stopping you from viewing it! There may be another reason but usually the case!


cheers Hennessey, thats a shame cos doesn’t let me see some of the bikes on here! Do you know why a firewall would block some then?

Yea I just had a look through the Members Gallery and there are some that comes up with the red ‘X’ instead of the picture on my PC too. Im sure that has nothing to do with your firewall, just the way they where uploaded or incorrect format maybe?

If in another thread a red ‘X’ box appears again and others can see it, post up in here and I’ll see what I can do for you, and work out what it is. As for those pictures in the Members Gallery I think everyone will say the red ‘X’ appears!