picture are blank

some pictures posted on the forums show up as blank squares, is there is a magic button i should press to correct this?

i reckon i am missing out on some fun.

are they new posts? if they’re old the links may be dead.

any examples

these atre new posts which it seems others can look at. one example is smiles recent post about old faces on LB, it is only his that i cannot see

Are you logging in from your usual computer and recognised as a member? (if you log in as a “guest” by accident you can’t always see all the pictures).

shanes post were videos… so you may not be able to see embeded videos…

what browser are you using?

i am logged in on my normal pc, i have watched some videos before including shane’s.

the browser? would internet explorer be the correct answer? i know virtually nothing about such things

yep that would be it…

so in shanes post can you see something like this?

no. all i see is the two blank panels where the video should be

hmm… i can still see the videos when using internet explorer and not signed in… :ermm:

can you take a screenshot of shanes post?

how do i take a sdreen shot?

you say you can see the videos, all i see are blank squares

  1. Press the “Prnt Scrn” button.

  2. Open Microsoft Paint. To do this, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint. Click inside the white part of the screen.

  3. Go to the Edit menu and click Paste or you can press and hold “Ctrl” and tap V. Then you may crop if you like

4)Click File > Save As. In the box that pops up, change the “Save As Type” to PNG or JPG. Type in a filename for your image. Choose a place to save, like the Desktop, and click save.

you can now upload this image :wink:

after all of this… it would be easier to just use firefox its better than IE anyway (and its free :wink: )


the screen shot didnt quite work.