Pics/vids wanted to illustrate the perils of not wearing sensible clothing

My eldest daughter frequently rides on the back of her boyfriend’s bike without jacket or gloves. She’s 18, and of course knows best, and no matter how much I try and explain the pain of broken bones and road-rash, it’s not working. Now, I don’t want to put her off motorcycling - but maybe the odd pic will help.

I’ll be having words with him too, see if I can’t get him to help.



An old one but should do the trick

Yup that should do it

No picking before impact either !!!


This is the result of that video…



Thanks folks, keep 'em coming.


send em into HG Harrow, me and DA have enough metal between us at the moment to build a Terminator exoskelinton (well not quite but close enough heh)

Its Da Artist

its Hop-along as far as im concerned :stuck_out_tongue: