Pics of my new bike. Brave step from a 125cc to a 1000cc

Before I start please save all the lectures etc…I’ve had em all from everyone I know LOL.

Although I have registed on here for a month or so I have mostly been reading more than posting on here hence I am still classified as a newbie so go easy with me.

Although I am still learning to ride and have my test in a few weeks the mean time I went out and brought this baby a few weeks back




good luck with the test!!

and can i just add

you are one brave brave man!

Welcome to the world of a steep learning curve and expensive plastic

Goodluck though do…Get some advanced training when you pass.

Its a lovely bike…and you aint even passed ya test yet…fair play to ya !!

Have fun…Top up ya life insurance and whats ya favourite flower ?


(dont get Brave with it, Respect it ).

If you really do have the experience on a power house (track) …which you havent stated…then your gonna love that bike and its

Va Va Voom !!

New pants please !!

Good luck with it all mate, how the hell can you afford the insurance !?!?

well actually looking at this again…

can you send me the details of your gardener??

cos my backyard aint nearly as neat!

Thanks AbbeyJ, will send details of my Mum (the gardener). I am sure your comments will put a smile on her face. Come to think of it aren’t you the person who I bumped into on here when I first registered…I think you were sticking up for the trusty Honda CBR125’s on my post of my Repsol one?

Barrow & afroR6 - thanks dudes I am sure new undies will be required on regular occasions to start off with.

Trojan - Don’t start on the insurance bruv…£800 TPFT is what I’ve been quoted so far, hopefully I can get something slightly better elsewhere but either way it’s going to have to be done one way or another as insurance is an absolute must…actually considering life insurance aswell now.

i try to forget that thread!

Brave man indeed…just take it easy on that throttle, as that is one hell of a fast bike. Oh, and it looks lurvley.

Yes a nice bike but watch your right hand or you could end up paying for lots and lots of expensive plastic. A CBR125 to an R1 you sir have some balls…

hiya mate good luck .get some lessons of ginger or adam h…lol

very swanky, looks lovely, good luck with the test!

Feck and pish! That’s a lovely bike - good luck dude!

Learn the art of soft Right Hand…

I went from a 50cc to a 660 although it was a single cylinder and I hated it. It got nicked anyway and I ended up with a 400. It is still my favorite bike even now and I ride 2 fireblades. Having said that, I seriously believe I would more likely kill myself on a 400 now than my 900s cos I respect the power alot more now. (And I even had a 600 for 2 years inbetween)

Take it easy on that dood, seriously as already said, do your advanced asap, no matter how much of a safe rider think you are, you will see “others” mistakes and be able to react to them quicker possibly saving your life.

nice bike mate good luck…

its got race tec tyres on, you should get a track day in befor you go for your test

by the looks of um its been on the track or the hoops where cheap part worns from some racer.

you should change um mate there not to good on the road for someone new and hard work in the wet even for someone who has been riding years.

fair play to you mate, just take your time with it

Think the main thing is to be careful the reason for progression up the ccs rather than moving straight up like you is self control. If u can restrain yourself for some time u will know how the bike feels and reacts to what you do in greater depth.

Good luck with your test and she looks likes a lovely bike!

Hi mate welcome. Firstly what a gem of a bike! I love the earyl model R1s and to find one in that condition is very rare!

Good luck with the test buddy!

All I will say is just gentle gentle baby steps baby steps and you should be fine as the throttle goes both ways. If your sensible and respect it there is no reason that you should come to harm. Some road tyres and advanced training would help lots.

You nutter! Good luck with it, it’s a beaut.

The point people make about progression - 400, 600, 750, then maybe 1000 is that you will be faster and safer if you do go up in stages, many people with decades of experience prefer 750’s to 1000’s. Why make a “brave step” when it means you will either be going very slowly or interfacing with the scenery ?

That’s a moot point unless he sells that lovely R1 and gets something else.

It’s really nice, have fun and stay safe.