Pics from the Nurburgring trip

Well I’m back, and what a blast it was. The original plan was to spend a few days at the Ring and then ride down to the Alps for a few days, but as soon as we saw the roads around the Mosel Valley we stayed put. What a place! We even got in on practice day to see the F1 cars and they are incredible.

Here are a few snaps - most are of my mates pratting about which will have only ltd interest I imagine.








I couldn’t be more jelous! Well done mate

Mate looks the business…one day…one day

That looks lovely…welcome back.

f*** off barro you said to me that you hope he got two punctures on the way home

Wicked pics Andrew, do u have any other of F1 cars cause i am a keen fan. Thanks for sharing

Brings back happy memories, can’t wait to go back.

Cool, makes me want to get out there.
No mishaps at all?

Welcome back.

No mishaps there, 5 great laps in the warm early eve sun. Guy, the chain and sprockets looked great and no doubt benefitted the old girl so cheers for the help!

My front tyre (nearing it’s last legs anyway) deformed on the Belgian motorway so it was a worrying and slow ride back home on it with the bike vibrating so badly the front brake pistons were pushed into the calipers (I think) reducing the brakes to pap too. But 7 brought me home in one piece - respect.

Blimey Andrew, those looks like some fantastic roads! Glad you had a good time! Also very glad you got home safely with a deformed front tyre; that’s no fun! Tinsy-winsie bit jealous…

There is a gallery on my website for anyone who’s interested although there aren’t many of the roads as I was too busy racing around on them !

Here are some pics of my front tyre.





Welcome back fella, looks like a great trip.

Nice work on the tyre BTW

Lol you nutta…only just seen this post…

Whoever took that photo of you standing by the Ring sign is an excellent photographer! The composition! the framing, the expert use of available light, he’s probably charming, intelligent, an excellent lover and riding god as well!

Welcome back Andrew. Glad you enjoyed it. The roads around the ring can be amazing, sometimes better than the ring itself. I shall try and get a couple of vids together of some of the roads in the area that I recorded last year, just so people know what its like.

That tyre looked like a loaf of bread. Glad you made it back in one piece fella. Now go get some diablos!

Bejesus man, that tyre looks like it’s delaminating. Lucky you didn’t get a blowout.

When’s the next trip? Wanna come wanna come wanna come. Can I come? Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, I know kung fu.

Great pics, hope to get out there myself in the not too distant future


Pity he got toasted by an out of date Kawasaki on Sports/touring rubber tho…

Next year indeed. Ahahaha

Where’s the vid dude? That I wanna see.

You’re right of course. You obliterated me

I haven’t even seen the vid myself yet mate! I must learn how to use these new fangled electrickery thingies

I’ll have to get a copy to Chris and he can do the necessary to post it up somewhere.

(ps I’ll edit out the bits where I pass you )