Pics from our recent trip to Portugal

The pictures speak for themselves. It was fun riding the XT, it’s an almighty horse :slight_smile:

nice! anyone fall of? :smiley:

nope, but almost buried myself underneath whilst trying to push it out of a tight space in a garage :blush: In my defence, it’s an almighty beast to maneuver…

yeah ive seen one up close and its not as small as youd think!

Jepp, it’s way taller than it looks. With luggage on the back you kinda have to jump on, it’s ridiculous! Not very elegant :blush: God knows how people handle the 1200 :w00t: But what a great bike to tour, so comfortable and easy to live with. But I did miss the torque of my ER6…

Cool pix and the weather looked good too. Where’s the rest of the beach shots? :wink:
Who was this through?

Hahaha, the shots are heavily edited :wink:
We rented the bikes through MotoXplorers and Transrent

I can really recommend Portugal as a biking country. Roads are fantastic, the weather is lovely, varying country side and people are ace. Much better than Spain in my opinion, but then I’m heavily biased :blush:

Nice pics.

Amazing that the bikes seemed to do the trip all on their own, with no riders :blink:

I bet you say that to all the girls… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Cool Pics! Looks like you had an amazing time… welcome back to the UK where the sun shines for 12hours a year! :smiley:

Great bikes in a great country. I’m jalous!

We were actually thinking of you Dries when we picked them up as I remembered that you used to have an XT, right? We are planning a big Portugal trip next year, so you are more than welcome to tag along for a few days if you fancy :slight_smile:

Yes, I had the X (supermoto style). Great bike and I still miss it.
I always thought the Tenere would make a great touring bike as it’s a great engine but really simple bike. I bet any mechanic would be able to work on it.

Hmmm. Trip to Portugal would be awesome. Might need a bit persuasion to get the “pass”. Having a small son makes these sort of trips harder, but definably let me know! :slight_smile:

Happy that you enjoy Portugal, next time say something and i cant get you some great places to see:)