Pics from LBers getting pulled hehe

Pics from the LB crew that went to Silverstone meeting the long arm of the law on the way home…after overtaking me ahem.

Haha cheers for that Andrew! You weren’t that far behind us in the car so you can’t have been sticking to the limit either

Andrew, don’t listen to her, thats what all really really bad people do, when caught give it the ‘they were doing it too’ … pmsl !!

Little Miss T, I just never thought that you were a talk to the hand girl !

After driving past us and beeping the horn while laughing and pointing, he was asking for it!

And that was my “no paparazzi please” moment

heehee just in the right place at the right time girl, you know it!!

I’ve had requests for more pics of yer rear. Shall I bring studio lights? hahahaha

Great pictures mate