Piaggio Zip

So the missis has decided to part with her little zip as she has bought a CBR 125 and has now not used the Zip for over a week.

The bike is in Red and is an 07 with 4277 Kms on it. Its in prety good condidtion apart from the scratches on the left side from when she dropped it whilst learing to ride in a tescos car park. But most of these bikes have worse marks on.

The bike had a new battery about 3 months ago as some arse nicked the battery out whilst it was parked.

She wants £500 - she has only had it 4 month and paid £650 for it.

I will post some pics shorlty, PM me if your interested.

50 or 125?

50 - sorry

Also has 10 months tax, and is not due a MOT until Aug 2010.

We also have the certificate from the mycarcheck to say the bike is clear form any nasties.

As long as you keep the plug waterproof and use good quality 2 stroke oil these run forever with no problems (there is bugger all on them to go wrong). I rode one for nearly two years commuting 12 miles each way and have a soft spot for them.