Piaggio X8 400ie scooter - last minute bargain for someone

I like my X8 so much I’m purchasing a brand new XEvo 400, the dealer phoned me with the new Reg no today and I may be able to pick the XEvo up this Sunday. If anyone wants a last minute bargain they can make me an offer for the X8 400ie above £1500 and it’s theirs provided they can pick it up before I take it to the dealer to trade in on Sunday. I’m in Waltham Cross, Herts. PM me if interested.

It’s a Sept 2006, 56 reg, Smoke grey, currently on about 18,600 miles, FSH. Newish rear tyre (both tyres bridgestone).

It’s in well-used, but well-loved condition. It was dropped (at a standstill) in 2008 when I first got it (and wasn’t used to the weight) but was resprayed so the scratches are gone. MOT/Tax until September.

Had 18,000 mile service a little early at Scootercafe in Maidenhead in Oct last year also had new battery last year. Very good runner, starter etc. A lot of scooter for a relatively small price. The 400cc engine is a real peach, nice torque and plenty fast enough for the open road. Handling is pretty good too, good commuter but capable of long distance too. Surprisingly nippy and chuckable for a big scoot - excellent for filtering. Huge storage under seat and in boot. I had a top box but sold it as I didn’t ever need to use it!

A few pictures:

The wire is for an optimate attachment - it’ll be removed.

Forgot to add that the X8 400 is right on the 33bhp limit for a restricted licence too.:smiley: Tax is the same as a 250cc (£33?)

is it a uk spec bike? i notice the speedo is in kmh?:slight_smile:

Yes it’s UK spec, all Piaggio’s unfortunately have kmph as the major number on the speedo - mph is there, but small. The odo and trip meter are also in km. Annoying, but you get used to it. I’m not sure but I think Aprilias might be the same since they’re owned by Piaggio. My Aprilia Leonardo 250 was. Is your Gilera?

The UK market is so small to them that they can’t be arsed to do speedo’s to suit us!!

Looks in really good condition :slight_smile:

It would be a good buy for someone. I rode to work on it this morning, she’s running fine. After I cleaned her up for the photo’s I did have a few thoughts like “do I really need a new scooter!” But the time is right for me now. :smiley:

The XEvo is supposed to be at the dealer in the crate today or tomorrow, but I haven’t heard yet when I can pick it up, so there’s still a few days left if anyone wants to jump in there and make me an offer. Trade in value is £1500 so anything above that may well secure.

Nah my runner is in mph,dont know why yours is in kmh, im so tempted by this, but ive only just finished rebuilding the runner, and its such a larf.

Ive just sold a vespa et4 and got used to having the room in the shed.

whereabouts was you roughly?paul

I live in Waltham Cross, South East Herts (just off M25/A10 junction), and work in Colindale (NW9) round the corner from the Hendon Police training centre. I’ve ridden the scoot to work today but I won’t be tomorrow due to evening commitments. Let me know if you want to come and see it.

Yeah I’ve never ridden one but I’ve heard those 2T 180 Gilera’s are quick quick quick!! The X8 won’t be as quick off the mark but it’s better for cruising on motorways I’d say, and it’s got a lot more built in storage. Kinda sit somewhere inbetween the beemer and the gilera - perhaps use it for mid-length roads…LOL!

Sold!! And just in a nick of time!!

Thanks for the nice bike, it was a bit windy on the way home,insured it today full comp for £81.sorted,just need some space in the shed now, getting a bit messy in here.

Thanks again Paul

Glad you like it. Hope you have many more happy miles. Typical it’s been sodding raining ever since I got the XEvo.