Piaggio three-wheeled prototype!

"Simone Corsi and Mattia Pasini have both taken a test-ride on the new three-wheel scooter presented by Piaggio at the Bologna Motorshow this week. The two World Championship riders, who will both ride in the 125 class last year, got to grips with the new prototype machine that features two front wheels for increased stability.

The front axle has a special system which means it works in the same way as a normal two-wheel bike. Thus the two front wheels both incline when the scooter takes a corner and riders do not therefore need any specific training to use the machine.

For the time being Piaggio have presented two single cylinder versions of the prototype, a 250cc model and a 500cc model. Both Corsi and Pasini were left very impressed with the scooter and enjoyed their opportunity to test it out."

Odd, no? I remember seeing three-wheelers around town, where the two were at the rear. Used by food delivery firms mainly.

I don’t know about the concept of 3 wheels but it does look bad!

It’s even uglier than their hairstyles! I won’t be ‘upgrading’ to that one!

Undecided about the looks… think if i wanted somthing like that i would get a quad, at least then you have the capability to go off-road.

Looks like a scoot has crashed into a pram and had a tin of black paint chucked over it.

Lordy, whatever next…

Have to agree with all on here, looks bad and the bozos with it look more Baby Cham, than Biker

Thats actually not the finished product, i work for Vespa Piaggio and we are getting our first Piaggio x2/MP3 Next Month, so will be looking forward to trialling that! im not a huge fan of scooters but i certainly think we will be selling quite a few of these!!! by the way if any of you want to get any info on this model or the whole range just pm me or check out www.scooterworld.co.uk

best wishes matt

Is there an LB discount on tyres and servicing… My GT’s due its 15k service shortly, and I’ve been told to change my front tyre to Sava to reduce the wobbling (it’s got the full screen and a huge topbox).

im sure i can sort out a discount of some sort, yeah the sava seems to be the more popular choice of tyre for GT now. Ive got Savas on My GT 200 and they are great! just as well really!!! where abouts are you based?

Chelsea, so not a million miles away from you. Would you put Savas in the rear as well? I’m not happy with the cornering in this kind of weather, so the Ducati comes out, but if I knew I had a proper wet tyre in the rear, I might be more tempted to take the work horse out again. I think the rear one is Avon.

Yeah we do a all weather smi tyre for the rear priced at £35.00 Plus fitting. I rarley take gt out in the wet as she coughs a bit, so im not to ofay with it, but from other gts i have it seems pretty stable. Otherwise pirelli do a good wet weather tyre. Where do you go at mo? Chelsea scooters, or BMG?

I’ve had BMG look at the bike, as it wobbles quite badly and really doesn’t like cornering. Partly it’s probably me, as I went down in the wet a few weeks ago, so lost a bit of cornering confidence. The rear tyre keeps losing pressure, which doesn’t help with cornering in the wet, but they checked it for nails. What do you reckon is the best wet tyre for the GT’s rear? That’s the one I’ll go for!

Used to go to Scooters etc, but the last time I did, they gave me (as new) somebody else’s discarded, two-year-old battery.

So, at the moment, am a garage short…

STAY AWAY from Scooters! they are the worst dealer around!! did you know they had there dealership taken away from them, but yet are still supplying people with new Piaggios?! apparently they by them through another dealer. Robbin so and so s!

i would recommend you go for the Sava they are pretty good and seem to last a bit longer.

My boss is currently doing a trip to Monte Carlo on a vesp LX 50!!! CHECK OUT WWW.Mopeds2montecarlo.co.uk


Yes, I heard they lost the dealership. I think they’ve stopped selling Piaggios now and only do SHs.

Checked the site, what a great way to raise money for such a worthwhile cause!

yep, and they are doing well! they are way past Paris now, i think Barry is really bonding with his LX, its sweet! and they have raised over 60,000 pounds!!!

im off to bed, take care pop in and have a chat sometime, or give us a tinkle on 020 7243 1100



looks like a stealth tank?? how do u lean on that thing? ? its a back wards robin reliant with a bigger engine

My dealer (scooter dealer!!!) will have an MP3 250 in this week.

I shall have a ride for sure but will wait for the 4/500 to come over before considering buying one.

I gather Piaggio are having trouble making enough for the Italian market so they’ll be hard to come-by for a while.