PIAA bulbs

anyone here use PIAA headlight bulbs?.

which are the best ones?. road legal of course…
looking for a 4000-4300k kinda look brightness.
something like that.

what bright bulbs do you use?.
was looking at HID’s but that illegal issue in the way, and new MOT laws maybe in late 2011 re them…


Acuman 6000k kits in both high and dipped lights on the CBF have worked very well for me for almost two years.

6k is when you start to get a blue ish tint. Works very very well at night on A roads.

you should disable the passing light switch if doing the high beam side. HID lights don’t like to be flashed.

If you looking at filament bulbs then I would highly recommend the Philips Power Brilliance Xtreme (or something like that). Fitted them to both bike and car and what a difference. Well worth the £24 per pair.

phillips extreme power is the proper name and I would recomend them as well had standard bulbs on my bandit when first got it and might as well of ridden blindfolded for all the good they did, now I can see even on roads without any streetlights.

thanks, but need to know what headlight and sidelight bulb is in the sh300i.
cant see it in the manual.