phuck , I boughts a honda :(

The old VW Passat was past it’s best and much as I resent every penny spent on a car the wife insists that the kids can’t walk 400miles to visit gran while we take a bike … Soo car shopping it was and I bought this …

Honda Accord 2.4 typeS , fully loaded and got near 200bhp on tap so should be reasonably perky, nuff room for kids and luggage . Need to go and collect it on Monday . Strangely it’s cheaper to insure than the VW … which I do not understand as it’s engine is bigger and has 50 more BHP ?

Should be a reliable motor. I think insurance is cheaper because sensible people drive Hondas.

I hope it’s reliable as I hate working on cars . I wonder will it turn me into a sensible ,or will the V-tech shenanigans keep me full of nonsense :hehe:

Probably option 2 :slight_smile:

I am sure you could customise it…somehow :smiley:

Take it back to bare metal and clear coat it :smiley:

Kids are so f*cking lazy these days :smiley:

i had one of those slightly different spec never had a problem with it in three years I had it 80k miles

I onlt thing is Honda service charges are something else & it went through front tyres like they was free

A Honda Type R engine has never failed since they started to make them (Unless your names Wayne & you think you can make it go faster by visiting Halfords)

It will be removed from hondas hands and placed in the hands of me for servicing . 80k miles in 3 years !!! Oh no no no no I put petrol in the passat twice this last year , once in Febuary and then again in October . That low miles should also save on tyres :smiley:

what kind of bike is that? :crazy:


You wouldn’t like it , it’s a piss poor bike .

you meet the nicest people wiv a Honda…and some wankaas…Hello !! :smiley:

But at least it can mount kerbs :smiley:

Nah, much more fun on the bike :smiley:

I think the best results will do a hand grenade , you can go for bazooka but I think hand grenade is easier to get on Sunday market.


ps. said guy who’s driving Prius.

Earth to Robert…ease up on the wacky pills son

The accords are gorgeous. I used to work at Wandsworth Honda as a driver (way back, its been closed years) and I loved the toys there. Cars it was a toss-up between the S2000 and the Accord. The type R was a bit to flighty at the front end, but went like stink.

Bikewise, I loved all of them for different things. The VFR (first generation VTEC) was nice enough, taller than I was used to. The Blackbird was big and quick, but surprisingly good at filtering - very quick trip from Wandsworth up to a dealership Honda had in Harrow to pick up documents that I’d forgotten when I picked up an Accord. But the one I most enjoyed was the 600RR. Again a first generation one, box fresh, round the Wandsworth gyratory banked over properly taking corners at Ahem mph, and it felt massively steady. And then I realised what I was doing and thought ‘****, that’s good’.

Still what do you expect when you hand the keys to lots of brand new toys to a 22 year old.

Just don’t get a CRV. They are crap.