Can someone make this completely grey for me please. Want to use it for my new graphics which are close to finish now

99% grey, couldn’t be bothered to pull out individual pixels.

You can do it in Paint if you can be bothered, that is how I did it.

Thanks Kaos for the efforts but thats not what i ment. I want it completly grey so you just have an outlined figure

I made it completely GAY…

Another way of makin it gay would be to have it on your bike.

Doesn’t really work as an silhouette. Not quite enough ‘soldier’ detail.



but if it’s a silhouette you want, use one of these

Wait till you see the bike… I’ll let you **** the exhaust when its hot if you like

Cheers for the help guys. I’ll stick up the graphics once they are all done, looking smart so far

Erm thank you …

Any chance you could put that on a black background? Ive tried with paint but having no joys… Thanks

like this?

well done Boris, someone’s concentrating :wink:

Thanks for that Boris, but id like it with the figure grey and white on a black background. Picky arent i :w00t: I should of explained that before.


how bout this?

taken off that orrible white line down the right

Cheers Boris… i need to get photoshop so i can do stuff like that. Doesnt look as good as i thought it would though, think i may have to find another image

that wasn’t using photoshop, i was using gimp - its free :smiley:

ASBO you are picky little s*d but we can’t wait to see this bike when it’s done:D

Also when are you getting some leave and coming over to UK to play? Or do we have to hunt you down when we’re on our hols?:w00t:

Im a perfectionist :hehe:Im back on the 14th August for 2 weeks. Will be doing all the finishing touches to the bike in the first week though. Well hopefully if i can find somewhere out here to do my swinger i’ll have it all done in the first cpl of days of leave and then once the engine is run in i wana get it jetted then its 100% completeHeres the graphics so far, just need to do the fork guards and the front mudguard. The front mudguard i think i’ll go with the H4H logo that has been made up for my rear mudguard and the fork guards i want a stand alone soldier with the royal british legion logo underneath it.