Photoshop genius needed

Can anyone photoshop our scan picture to show baby getting knee down? or not poss ? :D:D

what bike would you want them on though?

just being in KD position would be good… would make an amazing profile pic for the next 5 months :Dlol

with the right pic yes… what have you got? Up late tonight working so send stuff over and I’ll see what I can do…

do you know of any cheap fireblades for sale YET.

It isn’t being sold andy :smiley: We plan to be back on bikes within a couple of weeks after the event :smiley:

yes you are right dreams are nice, let me know when you wake up in the real world lol

ffs why she used MY computer

Ermmmm you mean you, why should Lewis suffer :stuck_out_tongue:

?? i’ve got kids already, anyone who sits around bitching about life being tough with a baby shouldnt have eaten so many biscuits while preggo :smiley:

we agreed cos it both our hobbies, and if i slmmed a door shut breaking his fingers, i wouldnt then go out on a rideout, wouldnt be fair! :D:D I can’t ride… he’s agreed to support me on this, guess i’m lucky there :stuck_out_tongue:

Hindisight is a wonderful thing!

can someone make it look like smiled can KD too while you’re at it? :wink:

haha hes never on his bike long enough to even get a pic!