Photo's of Wessons Cafe

The weather was fantastic today (not too hot…not too cold) so on my never ending quest to find the best roads for a quick Sunday blast I headed South. Starting near Brandshatch and heading out on the M25…destination Wessons Cafe, Horam.

OMG…what a great ride…the roads were not that busy as it was Sunday. It had everything…motorways, then quaint villages with chocolate box cottages & oast houses, amazing twisty roads, hills, beautiful scenery. The bit through Argos hill and Five ashes was awesome.

East Sussex is amazing. I saw plenty of friendly bikers on all types of bikes along the way, so plenty of nods. Every layby had Cherry sellers with boxes of juicy locally grown cherries. The roads are tree lined and some of them are almost like leafy tunnels as the arching trees have joined above your head, they are so thick. I wish I had stopped along the way to get some shots of the curves and scenery but I was enjoying the ride too much!!

It has a relaxed almost country and western bar kinda feel to it. Lots of different types of seating…even some that looked like church pews. There are some tables outside on the verandah and they have a really extensive menu. (the apple tart looked yummy)

I was too scared to try the BIG MAMA burger, so had a BLT which was delish! Very fresh salad too. Ladies loo was nice and wide, always a plus… had everything a girl needs, nice huge mirror…could do with some paint or tiles on the walls…but looked like it was perhaps in the middle of a refurb?

All in all a great experience that I would absolutely recommend if you like bendy roads. Just be careful of the roadkill, manhole covers and hidden driveways! :slight_smile: I am deffo doing this ride again soon!!

Here are some pics of Wessons Cafe…enjoy! :smiley:


I used to live in Heathfield (next town up from Horam) and regularly ride the roads between there and Oxted – they are superb whether you go via A265 or or across country via A272 and B2026 up towards Hartfield and Edenbridge.

The best bit about moving away is I get to go to Wesson’s for breakfast and get a good ride in – whereas Heathfield to Horam is only 2 miles, not much of a ride out! :-))

We like Wessons for the cartoons of Ogri

But the loos there always look like they’re in the middle of a refurb :stuck_out_tongue:

I always loved the Tina Tailpipe cartoons…but I don’t think they publish them anymore…:slight_smile:

Thats a good cafe there! only 1 bike when i went though :hehe: