Photos of Chatel

These were taken yesterday.

my God!!!

really a lot of snow!! I Hope you do not get problem to get out of there!!


A nice light sprinkling there Dawn :smiley:

I feel all Christmassy now:D

Nice one Dawn:cool:

Do they do SkiDoo hire there?:wink:

It took 2 of us one and half hours to clear the top of the drive to get the car out, after that, 4 wheel drive and snow tyres it was fine!


Chunky, they hire what ever you want to pay for


That was only Sunday night’s snow, it was like that Friday and Saturday as well!

Mmmm that looks like fun, any toboggan runs there?

Yes, this is the luge run!


I wish I did live there, just own an apartment. I live in NW London, and work in WC2B.

o thank god thats made me feel better, would hate to think that somebody is living an idilic life with clean air, beautiful scenery and being able to settle down in front of a log fire with a bottle watching x factor with lots of snow outside.
instead of breathing the cruddy air that i breathe by living and working in the mighty capital,

looks like a great place, do you get over there much ?

If I could pay off the mortgage, find a nice man to settle down with, I’d be there in a shot, and take my bike with me for use in the summer. The apartment block is the one nearest us on the left handside.

your making me real jealous now by posting the loverly photos, looks great, i bet the roads are awesome in the summer, and just proper cosy in the winter, i am sure you will have no chance in finding a decent chap to sahre it with thats for sure,
there is one sitting here LOL

Are you single with no kids, and rich enough! LOL:)

single, no kids, but on a coppers wage so probably not !! bummer nearly ther good for 2 out of 3 :smiley:

Fantastic! Straight out of a picture book! I bet you really look forward to getting back there after your stints in the smoke! :slight_smile:


This is how it looks in the summer…

My ex was on a soldiers wage, so nothing wrong with that!