Photos from Toy Run

Nice photos. I wondered where almost everyone had disappeared to at St Thomas’ when some of us where in the car park :ermm:

They were directed to park on the pavement but decided to disappear into a side entrance…

Some re-appeared later.

great pics George, my bike looks lovely and clean :smiley:

Is it PhotoShop? :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Fantastic pictures! Loads of real good ones… that was me with the turkey on ma lid! Ha ha

You caught me in the middle of a beard/mouth extraction. Sounds a bit like ‘thbbbppptt…’


Nice pics mate, thought I managed to dodge your camera:D

lol, it is actually clean. I gave her an early xmas present :smiley:

great photos .well done mate :slight_smile:

Great pics mate. Blur the numberplates and lets get your pics into a gallery!

Original size please :slight_smile:

Good job mate;)

wicked pics george

have to get some of them off you