Photos: Aprilia RSV4 Superbike Unveiling

I’m not convinced this isn’t a bad thing for our nation, as it’s bound to get quite a few people into some more debt by a not inconsiderable amount. The bike is so bloody awe-inspiring that I fear for my bank balance after seeing and hearing the new RSV4 unveiled at Wheel Power today.

Photo coverage here:

That`s very very sexy.

Yep. I want one. Not the best time to be thinking that though :-/

Is that Mr Emmett in the white T shirt?:w00t:

He’ll go to the opening of an envelope;):smiley:

with a nice end can on it that would look the dogs…i bet iot goes like stink, and handles soooooo well!

Yes Andy, it’s the venerable Mr Emmett.

Ratty… The options are; a full factory Akrapovic system for about £1900, and later in the year a slip-on. You’re right, it does need it, but I don’t think you’d mind too much if you had to wait a while before getting one. Apparently the induction roar is very intense!

Oh yes, and the bike is TINY! Which I love :slight_smile: Without the big exhaust and the numberplate, it’s basically a MotoGP bike.

doesnt that look pretty! but small aye? seriously small?

Yeah. It’s as small as a 600. But about three times as quick.

see if we can get a deal for 2 jay… :wink:

It’s a lovely looking piece of kit. Can’t wait to hear one for real:cool:

I’m thinking this might steal some of the new R1’s thunder:w00t:

Hell yeah. It pisses all over the R1. No contest! I think it’s also quite amusing as well, because it’s clearly miles better than the £20k+ Ducati 1198R.

it is a small bike, perfick for my size!:smiley: just need to pick wich amoured van im gonan rob:w00t:

yeah i wouldnt mind riding it with that pipe for a bit…i bet it sounds fugging awesome…i think we need some youtube in the house!:cool:


It’s not clear untill it’s won something.

MCN have just done their first road trip review if you’re interested. They loved it but it is too small for me at 6ft 4 :crying:

Ed: Oh cool, I’m a rush hour racer now :slight_smile:

… April - RSV4 race bike scores a podium at Qatar with Max Biaggi in its second ever meeting.

If it wasn’t so small i would def look at getting one but seeing as it is then i will have to pass:)

Yes, I’m aware of that - I was thinking of a class where the bike is similar to the one on the showroom floor. Superstock racing is a great proving ground.