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  • 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 Superbike

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  • The New 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 Superbike

Intersting, seems to have loads of stuff that goes right over my head!!

You might want to change the year in the thread title Jay :slight_smile:

Thanks luv :slight_smile:

Eh? 2009, as in NEXT year :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome Afro! I am GAGGING to hear what it sounds like with an after-market system on it!

I think that engine alone will sell the R1 as much as the K5 GSX-R did. Everyone’s going to want to know wtf it feels and sounds like.

Interesting though because reconfigured firing orders were banned in SBK as it went against the concept of it being a production series, but now it’s a production feature, it’s fair game :slight_smile:

Well i’ve sold the R6 - let the saving begin!!

I think you may be right…People are complaining about the looks and to be honest, Yamaha could have made the bike look as visually arresting as the R6, but with race body work at the track, the improved chassis and that sound will make it very very nice.

I love the sound already…I’ve posted this elsewhere but you gotta see (more hear) this…

why the red frame???

it looks like any other r1 they could av made it look a bit more special.

hope the 2009 gixer is alot more pleasing to the eye…

thats the only reason peopl buy 1000s… to pose

My word, that’s a whole heap of technology going on there.

Well the 2007 was best bike I ever rode, can’t imagine many of us exploring the further limits of this!

All that tech makes me wonder about longevity - I mean it’s good that tinkerers can keep older bikes going - can’t see one of these being restored in 15 years time!

Looks wise the zorsts look fugly and that frame colour#s just wrong (imho).

Really not too sure about the styling, was expecting a low slung exhaust not the monstrosity they’ve nailed onto the seat unit, maybe it’ll grow on me :w00t:

The new rear end is :sick: hope they make some nice looking aftermarket cans for this. Red frame looks cheap as well, but on the whole I like :slight_smile: