Photographer wanted

hi guys.Ok it is my birds birthday soon and I would love to have a pic of our children taken and put onto a canvus (I’m sure I spelt that wrong but to lazy to use a spell checker)…

problem I have is I do not have a lot of money and putting the thing onto canvus is going to cost me about £60, so is there anyone out there that could help me?

I will however buy cup of tea and a posh sausage at BMM ino return [edit] will not be tea and a bag of chips as they have closed the shop forgot that when I posted this.

I’m more than happy to travel to you…

I’m a professional photographer and I’m just re-doing elements of my portfolio, which means I do sessions for free in return for using the shots (it helps some of the models get a professional portfolio at little cost – usually just the hire of the studio). I could perhaps add some more children shots if that interests you?

I would prefer to come to you for a children shoot as they are always more relaxed in their home environment (although they can also be more prone to tantrums there also). Where are you and when do you need this done by?

If you’re interested, PM me with the style of shot you are interested in, number of children, ages and your email and I’ll send a few sample shots over so that you are happy I can actually take a picture!!

If you are not interested or have someone who is already doing this then no worries.

i can sort out the canvas for you also just get the shots sorted. what size were you thinking?

Nice one viggen, as soon as I have the pics I will defo give you a shout…

Dont you just love it when a plan comes together! :smiley:

sorry to hijack/divert your thread sleeper dude, but ZUess44 would you mind if i pmed you with a couple of photography type questions, not so much techniques and stuff…more prices and resources…completely understand if thats not possible as i dont want to take any of ur “trade secrets” lol

No problem – hope I can be of help!