Anyone ever used one of these…

I have them in my lids , I use the Pinlock ones

Mrs EvilBlade have one (pinlock) on her Shark RSR2, I was sceptical at first when I was buying it but let me quote what I’ve heard next day after was fitted:

“This pinlock is great! It is not going to dark, but dark enough that you not getting glare from straight shining Sun towards me, and it reacts quickly to change of light intensity”

So as you can see not bad at all.


Excellent news, I shall probably order one :smiley:

Be aware that pinlock (as Shark RSR2 original visor was not pinlock ready) is universal photohromatic one. IT’s ferking huge! So there is like 3-4 mm on top and bottom only so visor is slightly harder to open, especially if you have some warm gloves on you, but this is only disadvantage which myself can point out. The fitting is very quick and easy and the “sticky substance” it’s some teflon magic, very sticky but not marks or other crap like it would be after some glue.
This is exact item.


Strange, the infinity one say’s “track use only” !

Also looking at this

Every road is a track (collins polish-english) so technically we are good, right?

I don’t know if I would put black foil on visor, a bit harsh. If you want a try or see it I can do some pictures for you tomorrow when it will be back home (helmet) and ask my trusty/friendly staff member of infinity to provide exact model/number/name and price. :slight_smile:


At least is is easily removable/reusable, would go for the lighter tint though.

Then there is the Sunblocker option, just like a car sun visor.

You are trying now split the hair in two :stuck_out_tongue:


Splitting hairs…nope just looking for the best option me old mucker.

black electrical tape does the same thing, inch wide, two layers if done neatly it looks alright, in real lowsun just tilt ya head forward slightly.

both my clear and dark visors have it.

from what i know photocrhromtic pinlocks are a light green, changing to a cobalt blue tint, not a dark tint.

Now that is an interesting solution, I was after something mid tint as the dark is too dark.

I have the Pinlock one. It also says track use only but since I can remove it should the need arise (when would it??) I’ve no concerns.

It’s not as dark as my Shoei black visor but it’s enough and works perfectly for year round commuting where I don’t really wanted to be arse about changing visors in the morning/afternoon.

go for the light smoke, you tried the dark smoke? its not really that dark, not like a full blackout visor which is about 85% tint, AGV/ARAI etc

Shoei/HJC’s tinted visors are not all black but green…and about 75-80% tinted, but in green,its not that noticeable when its on the lid,just looks black.

oh yeh, with Shoei they do liek a gradient tint- dark at the top descending down into a light tint, theres an LB’er with one, i think its weefrenchie?

what lid you got fella?

the cobalt blue one

Shark Race R Pro, made my own solution in the end.

£7.99 and cut a bit out for the top of my visor, works a treat :smiley:


LOL you nutter!

I use one of these Sunax things. Have had it for a couple of years now, works great and it’s actually transparent unlike electrical tape.

got them at work, funny things :slight_smile:

does work tho, the idea of the tape is that it is NOT transparent, i want it to block the light not tint it, if its light out, i wear a full blackout visor, if its dusk and I’m riding in to low sun i sometimes keep my dark visor on as long as possible, then once its too dark i swap it over, tho sometimes the clear goes on before, depends if i know whether i am able to stop and swap or not i.e. m-ways etc

I have had to change my photochromatic for both light and dark. If you commute in bright sunshine in the morning straight into the sun, and come home when the weather is turning darker, don’t bother. Just get a light one and a dark one. I’m quite disappointed by mine.