Photoblocker Spray..

is in stock!

Thought we’d give it a try…now who’s feeling brave!

Seriously though i’ve been told that 50,000 cans of this have been sold and they have had six complaints.

Anyone got any stories about this stuff?




a bloke at work got some from the motoshow and reconds its very good he s a bit of a looney and he s not been nicked yet sounds good to me

I think I’ll be giving this a try, anything’s worth a shot to stop the money-grabbing Police!

Heard mixed stories about this kind of stuff, but I’ll give anything ago once… Maybe twice after a few beers… Don’t tell the wife…

Hi James,

Just had a quick look at the site, how do we get hold of this then - pop in and visit or can you post it out?


Hi Guys… I got a can of the same sort of stuff at the Alexandra Palace show called “Safe Plate”… Been using it now for some months… Got Flashed a few times!!! And by the Cameras… Haven’t got any tickets as yet! Keep you posted though…

Hummm! You told me about that Foxy but, i had a few wiskys on my head at that moment so… never mind! lol

I will definetely try it, just let me know when you get it in the shop!

Yo wazzzzz up Cezar…Bloody great food other night… Thanks mate!!! Oh that was you Flashing me was it??? Just you wait till I tell Jay!!! As soon as it’s in the shop…you’ll be the first to know chuck!!!

You are welcome in my house whenever you want mate! Madeline liked you. Flashing you? me? my friends girl-friend is like a MAN to me… LOL

Should be in tomorrow…this wasnt a blatant advert! Honest!!

I took a chance …you could have posted…its CRAP.

My box of spray cans would have ended up in the canal

Do u offer a full refund if it doesnt work…? Maybe a “we’ll pay your court fees…”

Worth a try…


Take a read of this: and make up your own minds.

I know I wouldn’t trust it with my licence, but I guess we all know there’s no substitute for skilled riding.

I think people are looking at it as a form of additional insurance, should they be unfortunate enough to be snapped by the yellow money boxes, rather than as a means to ignore them completely. Good read though, hehe!