Photo T-Shirt required for my dads funeral on the 25th

Id love (if anyone can do this) a t-shirt with photo of my dad. and the words sayng rest in peace dad, love you always. missing you. and the date he was born and passed away on,

im broke so cannot afford to pay an online store for this until i get paid again, which would be too late. i can pay for this to you when i am however

many thanks


Hey John

Really sorry to hear about your old man passing on… :crying: Hope everything goes well with the funeral arrangements.

I had a sweatshirt printed for about £20 last year, it arrived pretty quick as well… I’ll try and dig out the website

Get a quote an pm me your details I will sort it till payday I can transfer you the dough or you can pick it up whichever s convenient .

+1 on what paul said…

if needed PM me.

Very sorry to hear this. I lost my Dad just over a year ago and even though he was elderly and unwell (and his passing was therefore not unexpected, he had been ill for years), I’m still coming to terms with it.

Anything I can do to help - including helping with the T-shirt thing - please pm me.

try tescos m8

you take pic in and do all the neccessary.

I did an online shirt. Design yourself online and its shipped next day. Very quick :slight_smile:

thank you all for the valid input

ideally i could order it then arrange someone to pay with their paypal?


PM sent

thanks very much simoninessex

Really sorry to hear about your loss Woozy, as I think I mentioned to you, I lost my Dad 2 years ago, so really empathise with how you must be feeling. Looks like things are sorted iwth the t-shirt, but if for some reason it’s not and you’re at BM tonight, I can lend you the money or make a bank transfer.

thanks Ally, i am planning to pass by at BM and BTH tonight, but Simon has sorted it all out.

much appreciated