Photo Disc's of St George/Puppy Rideout

Hi Guys, Just wondering how many discs we should make.

Think we captured most people on the ride and also gota lot of group shots. There is also a very small video of bikes leaving petrol station lunch break.

All proceeds go to London Air Ambulance, our chosen charity.

You can collect discs either from Ang & Mark or myself and Snappy.

We will be on the Hastings run, and also at Ace on Monday night, and Borough Market on Wednesday.

Please let me know if you’d like a disc, cheers! :P:D

Count me in for one Andy.

Put me down for one but not sure when I will be able to grab one…

Me please :smiley: i’d like one…

Yes Please Andy 2 4 Me


One for us!

One for me as well please… most likely to be able to collect from BMM

Is monday Newbie night this week? Might stop by on my way back from Cheltenham… :slight_smile:

yes please would like 1:)

I’d like one please - I’ll be at the ACE on Monday night too.

I would like a disc please, but not sure when or where I’ll be able to collect it.

I’d like to have one please :smiley: thank youuu :smiley: could pick it up at bmm on weds :slight_smile:

Except that we are not planning on going to BM this Wednesday. :wink:

oops, forgot :D:D:D well I’ll ask waspie if she could pick it up for me and pass my donation on :cool:

dont worry 3 discs will be in the post to you

Stick me down for one please mate

do you want to meet me at the game tomorrow, if so i will bring it along

Sorry mate , just seen this ! Trains into London are down , so had to drive family home.

Thank you Andy.How do I go about making a donation to the LAA?? Do I need to speak to GSXRAng?

no ive paid for yours already, its done