Photo Coverage: Red Bull X-Fighters at Battersea

We’ve got some great photo coverage from the recent Red Bull X-Fighters competition at Battersea Power Station. Check it out! I wish London had more events like this!



Shame I missed the real thing though…

Watched it on “Dave” and thought that i better not miss next years if they come back.

Some awesome pictures there though Jay and well done to Simon for taking them.

Was a fantastic evening, even if (most of) the crowd was a little unenthusiastic.

Loved the typical Brit moments at the end when the commentator said for people to leave through a certain exit, and everyone ignored him and used the more convenient one, and then a few people started to run up and down the jumps…Oh and a random drunk bloke in the grandstand, jumping up from his seat in the middle of the action and shouting, “Everybody dance now”.


awesome, would have loved to have gone to this. couldn’t get tickets!

+1 getting in early on this if it comes back…