Photo call

and coincidence but i have the ninja :ermm:

haha interesting…i should keep an eye on that line of thought

i’d like to see someone try and take my bike from me while i’m standing there!!

You have some nice pics on your Flickr account! Nice!


From what I can tell Phil Moran does indeed take lots of vehicle meet pics[email protected]/ , has a website, this matches his linkedin profile which also appears to match up with his google+ info (edit: megroovy 404 fixed)

But I checked this, and I strongly recommend people spend 20 minutes doing their own checks before meeting newcomers with their pride and joy, especially to an offsite location.

Your 2014 Black Ninja would look good with mine as Mine is Black & Orange :smiley:

done mind popping along if this is legit. I havea black triumph Daytona

Just checked out the Pics, love the one of the Guy on the R1, i’d like one like that for my Screen saver :slight_smile:

Sir should share them around once they are done. Especially of the red head.

Anyway, yes, that was my thought exactly (the security question, not perving at the model, that came later ;)).

I think before anyone wastes their time, we should have some sample images of said redhead.

for ya know, research purposes.

Mian, you are a perve, and the rest of you are far too trusting

here you go, just a couple of pics i quickly knicked of hers off Google, need to rejoin Facebook to get her proper model pics.

Sorry Sam but my rates have gone up (inflation), I would expect about £1.50 these days!

Edit: Oops a bit late to this one! Don’t tell Art Sam, I hear has a bit of a thing for red heads!

May bring my bike too now - but will cover the seat in Micro-fibre cloth - to mop it all up. :smiley:

Indeed. The person who registered DS3Phil might be linking to Phil’s flickr, and Phil’s identity, in order to arrange a meet. You don’t know that’s not the case, though I’m sure it all will be cleared up soon. Perhaps an introduction at BM so he can pick out which bike(s) he wants would be a start.

edit: it goes without saying that we welcome anyone showing an interest in motorbikes, and any initial scepticism is rooted in the number of motorbikes getting nicked in this city on a daily basis.

Just gone back on Facebook and she is no longer a Member :frowning: so can’t message her.

I’ll speak to one of my mates to see if they have her Number, but i’m sure just bike pics without a model will still be cool.

I can understand the scepticism but I now stop worrying about things like that, if a thief wants my bike then they will get it regardless what measures I take, no point thinking the worst on people, and if it is an ambush at least we will have descriptions and stuff of the people that do it, and most of us have GoPro’s to get footage of the thief’s in action! Plus, if enough of us go it would take a lot of Thugs to take the Bikes!

Or… you could solve all the worries and call the number on the website and ask if it is him posting :smiley:

I’d be more worried about a bunch of bikers turning up and nicking my camera :wink:

I’ve just emailed the website to confirm it is him posting. If it is a ploy to knick bikes then its a very elaborate one as its a great website with some cracking photo’s

Think you are a bit over priced, not sure your quite worth that much!!

Just got this reply from the website

Thanks everyone, I will try to pop along to a bm meet.

When is the next one?

As Sam said I just replied to an email and now I’m scared of losing my cameras lol :wink:

Even more scared of the mankini suggestions though :slight_smile:

As good as shooting with a model sounds I am afraid I don’t shoot with models since I got married, Mrs want a fan.