Photo call

Hi everyone,

I know I’m new here but would love to get together with some cool bikes and their owners to take some cool shots of your wonderful machines.

I have been getting into automotive photography more and more lately and have only shot a bike the once and want to build my portfolio more.

If anybody is interested do please get in touch. When I get on a PC I’ll put a link to my facebook and flickr pages with examples of my work.

Hope we can work together soon…

Phil[email protected]/13588744605/in/set-72157643346384484

I’m not on Facebook but i’m VERY interested in having photo’s done of my bike, i’ve been asking around about getting this done as i have just spent loads on my bike having a new one off paintjob and a few Blingy extras and wanted a nice proffesional looking picture of it. would we get copies of the pics? (digital copy would be fine)

Well that sounds good, mind me asking where you are based?

Hornchurch in Essex but don’t mind travelling if it means getting a proffessional picture done of the Bike

could be fun, what locations are you looking for as backdrop?

would be nice to have a decent photo of the beast

I know a few more industrial type areas in greenwich that would work.

Also open to any suggestions that people might have

Grenwich is Fine for me.

We could arrange a day where a few of us turn up. we could bring cleaning stuff so we can polish the bikes up prior to the Pictures being done and you can work your Magic.

How many Bikes could you do in a Day? it would need to be a weekend and pretty soon as the weather is likely to change and it would be a struggle to get a dry day.

Can we all chip in and get a Bikini Model?? :Whistling:

Would be interested in doing this. Would be nice having some good photos of the bike.

There is talk on Google of Greenwich being sunny and warm this weekend

May be a bit short notice for this weekend.

Why bother Sam? With your Essex glow and phosphorus grin I’m sure you can whip out the old mankini and give any model a run for her money! :smiley:

I reckon if we all chipped in 20p each we can get £1 together for you to do it Ruth

You can keep the change :smiley:

This weekend is short notice but can’t check any further so thought i would post for this weekend anyway.

A few bikes at once is doable.

I’ve wanted to attempt a shot where we have something like a gsxr and a ninja facing one another nose nose kind think then work some magic making the bikes look as if they are trying to push one another with wheels smoking etc

This weekend is no good for me, but maybe next weekend!


I have the GSXR :smiley:


I also know a Girl who is a Model, i could ask if she fancied a little job. She is a very attractive Red Head with a cracking figure and doesn’t mind flaunting it :smiley:

How Good With Photoshop are you

you would need to be the worlds best to make my bike look good

unless im sitting on it that is :smiley:

Gixxer’s and Ninja’s?
Should be able to get some good shots here:



Here’s my bike, I’m no good at photos and it looks better in real life :slight_smile:

Newbie asking for bikes to turn up at a Greenwich industrial estate? Have the bike thieves taken to get the bikes delivered? :grinning: