Phone Sheep

I just got sent this and thought it was very cool – each sheep is made from old phones and curly phone wire! :w00t:


Bloody brilliant, now thats art :slight_smile:


plus they don’t sh!t everywhere and make loads of noise

Mind you i suppose you could “ring” their necks:D

Tut tut PJ :pinch:

That is good, did not see it at first lol

WHAT it was hardly the rubix cube of photos was it…:stuck_out_tongue: very cool though

thats brill

That’s great

How random!!

Very good. I like art that makes me smile.

Yep, ‘Damien bl00dy Hurst’ eat your heart out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent! Don’t know why but these really made me smile.And before anyone else says it I suppose I’d better…

…Phones-4-ewe? :laugh: Well, PJ started it!

Genius! :P:P

Where is it?

Apparently it’s in New Zealand . . . the home of the sheep!

Shame - we thought we might go and have a look at them:)

Very engaging…

Phones 4 Ewe:D

Err Chunks, we all know that your posts are important to us but have you been in a queue so long mate that you missed Micky’s original joke?!? :stuck_out_tongue:


Bit of a Senior Moment there…sorry:D