Phone Pics

I was looking through some pictures I took off my camera phone before it got was stolen recently. Man, I miss the summer… Can’t wait for it again!

  1. Tony-R1, loony as ever, very nice guy
  2. Mid-Winter, too cold outside to work on the bike, so brought it in the living room!
  3. Juvinile moment!
  4. Ah, waking up to summer in the city, beautiful!
  5. Japanese Akita puppy, lovely!
  6. Alien storm clouds come to work
  7. Er, me
  8. Party on the rooftops of London
  9. Breakfast with B, before Donnington trackday
  10. Matt Mladin signed picture, straight from the USA
  11. Mock-up of BabyJ with hair, LOL!


Morning Jay…what kinda phone was it…some of those pics have superb quality, and remind me where that building is behind you…Im sure I was responsible for putting the hydro lifts and platforms on that for the asctual builders…if not…one very much like that. Babyj with hair…rolling about at that one !! The Bush Doctors !!!..where where I want a Job !!

We want more of the puppy!

You work as CP! Ha, used to work there myself

jesus its mad to think that lil puppy turned into a dog that comes up to my hip!!!where is tony jay? haha brians got his “race face” on :slight_smile:

Mate, this post is well old, look at the date!

i know jay nice pics though!

wheres tony havent seen him for time…

We’ve seen him recently a couple of times. He’s okay. Now has a 999 in his front-room!