Philips H.I.D converstion kits

Hi guys I supple and fit top of the range philips H.I.D kits for bike and cars I’ve fitted over 250 set on vehicals from Aston Martins to feistas and from Bandits to Mv Agusta.
I only use the top of range Philips kits I also give a warranty on ALL parts of the kit and will replace as needed as long as no visible damage to part.
I can supply any size and any colour tempeture required.
I can come to you at work or home and in the evening to fit or you can come to my workshop.
here is a before and after to shoe difference to light.

here are the different colour temp availible

I have fitted many kits to other members on here so please ask around if you would like a recomendation

thanks guys pm me if interested

done one for me,what a diffrence it makes at night very pleased with the job you done i can recomend this product, and you a free cuppa with it:D

Which would you recommend, seeing as there are a few options, what have you got fitted to your MV?

I did speak to you about fitting some to my Duc but that is going now so may still be interested but for the BMW this time, what sort of costs?

pm sent mate

Possibly interested in a kit for an 02 SV - which I believe is 2 x H4 bulb?

pm sent

It looks like the 5K & 6K give the best illumination, and after that is seems to drop off, but the bluish/purplish tinge to the bulb increases.

So for the best night running would you recommend either the 5K or 6K?

That correct mat the best and brightest are the 5/6k kits

HID is the way to go :slight_smile: Once you’ve used them you’ll not want normal bulbs again.

Woody mate how much are we talking?

PJ, I could have sworn I saw a S1000RR approach me in the opposite lane one evening about a week ago.

The bike had distinctive strange headlights but it was evening and dark so not sure if it was the new bike…One thing though was that the headlights had that blue tinge you get on new BMW cars.

Looked cool.

Hey MV… How much would i be looking at for a kit (fitted) for CBR929RR 2000 (W-Reg)…
I know its twin light - so assume you’d be putting in 2 of the things?
Ta mate - Ian.

Also - When i sell the bike, can i take them off and move onto new bike?
I.e. are the units universal and not bike-specific?


Afro----- yes you did see the new Bmw as the guy who works on park lane shoe room is riding around on one to been seen ou there and he is taking demos on now.

As for the lights there bulb percific I;e H7/H4 ect
pm sent with costs cheers guys woodster

I am interested in these, but read in latest edition of RIDE…

That ANY aftermarket (ie: not factory fitted) HID kits are illegal…

Can you shed any (HID :wink: ) light on that statement??



interested in a kit for an 08 SV full fairing, It needs 2 H4 I think.

can you recommend one? thinking about 8k tho. :smiley:

price and when? thanks

hi mate I’ve read this aswell but to to be honest I’m not sure BUT ICE NEVER had any hassel and I’ve fitted a few to police officers own bikes as long as you don’t aim the beams at the windscreen hieght of cars then you should be ok. As I’ve mentioned I’ve not heard or know anyone that’s had them fitted have any probs.
A main reason for having them is brighter see more ect but the bonus side is YOUR SEEN more quickly is this a bad thing I don’t thinks so ay

so with that in mind go for it have them

Can I register interest. I’ve got an ER-6F and Aprilia RSV1000.

You certainly can mate I’ll need your bulbs sizes I:e H4/H7 ect
pm sent

Cheers MV-W…

Can you send me an idea of cost for fitting 2 x H4 in my VFR750?

Whereabouts is your workshop?

Anyone had these (or any HIDs) fitted and passed an MOT yet??:wink:


All my bikes for the last 4 years have had hids and passed the mot no problem mate