Phew what a weekend!

Hey Guys i just got back from devon today after a very strange weekend, As i read the forum on Friday just before i left, i saw the post about the guy that was killed on his gixxer ( R.I.P. Mate). I didnt even know the guy but like any one else i felt extremley upset, i think it really brought all my emotions together.
I was on the motorway feeling really tearful, and sick wondering if i was doing the right thing? i didnt even want to be on my bike, so i pulled off the motorway and rang a mate to have a chat. He persuaded me to continue and so i did.

The strange thing is i dont know why i was so upset? i guess it was cos about 4 years previous to this i lost one of my mates to a bike accident. It really affected me.

As i arrived in Devon i took a deep breath and headed to my mates, i was so glad to get off the bike, and have a drink!. It was a really strange ride.

Anyhows, i took the deauville and found that Charley was right, its as gutless as anything, wont pull up hills even if you click down a gear or two, and the fastest i had her up to was 80mph. The main thing found was overtaking was impossible, so most of the time i stayed in the inside lane, unless i had a tail wind behind me!! hehe x. So regrettably i shall be putting her up for sale, shes a great comfy, smooth bike but for power shes too sluggish for me.

The rest of the weekend was nice, i spent some quality time with my dad and mates, and also decided to make some plans for the future, so watch this space. Thats the good thing with getting away, it gives you time to think.

Ah well thats enough of me rambling on!!, hope you all had a grand weekend, and those of you that went to France had a fab ride!!.

Just a few thankyous to you LBers you know how you are xx

see you all soon

westie x

Good story Westie, and once you’ve trawled the forum and read all their is too read, you may not be surprised if I don’t buy the Deauville off ya!

LoL only kidding…

sounds like you had fun, and remember to ask if your lost mate want you to give it up ?

hehe, nah i wont be!! theres no way i am giving up biking! just makes you think, thats all!. Atleast i still have me beautiful fazer eh?

And once you get the replacement bike you’ll be right as rain…

yes!! im drooling at the sight of her…

Ooer missus! Pick yer tongue up off the floor, Westie!

I’m glad ya feeling a bit better again chuck x

Hey Westie

Good to hear you cheered up. I saw your Deuville this morning and I have to say it looks really comfy.


Hi mate

Good to see you carried on and had a good weekend

We’ll catch up tomorrow night