Pheasants are out to get us!!

misprint, it should re “peasants”… the Daily Mail is the rag of the pseudo posh tit, and they’re all stuck up gits!

Ive hit one. Broke a collar bone and rib.

Fricking hurts!

took a pigeon to the shoulder once very narrowly missed my head. That was seriously painful and pretty bloody scary

…and turkeys

+1 for the pigeon, caught it in the chest, thought I was going off the back. Damned scary.

I’ve had a couple of bird strikes over the years from pigeons and can confirm they are a: frightening and b: hurt.

The one in the chest was a bit like being punched, the one into the top of the helmet felt as if my head was going to be ripped off and I had a sore neck and shoulders for a few day after.

And they were just pigeons. Pheasant have got to weight what? 3 or 4 time more. Poor sod.