PFM cast iron race discs

i love shiney bargains!!! picked these up today, they had been sat on a shelf here in hk for nearly two years (there aint a lot of ZX7R sin hong kong) result? paid 160gb pounds for the pair (normall retail is 399 a pair) i used these discs before on my nc30 and they are the mutts nutts and due to the clever retaining system, you can change the outer rotor in seconds with no tools!!! much lighter than standard and much sexier to boot and stopping power is like hitting a brick wall! is there a down side i hear you ask? well yes… because they are made from high grade ductile iron (as used on motogp bikes in the rain) they do go a little orange when wet and means you have to clean the wheel a bit more often but hey, i can live with that!


V nice, you lucky bassa. They go for ridiculous money on FleaBay.

tell me bout it… if you ask me flea bay is the worst thing that happened to the spare parts market… cant get a lot of stuff from breakers now cos it goes straight on ****in ebay not to mention all the stolen **** that ends up there, never been so easy to get rid of stolen bikes

Matt, those are incredible! I love them! I bet they’ll look tops once installed on the bike. All you need now to compliment the braking setup, is a high-power/high-feedback radial master-cylinder. Brembo 19x18 would suit it, I suspect!

yeah, im on the look out for one at the mo, but being the peasant that i am im holding out for a s/hand one… unless you want to sell me the stock radial one off your gixer thou’?