Peugeot Satelis 250


Changed the front pads on the Satelis at the weekend, easy job. Decided I was going to do the rear as well but it looks a little more complicated. For a start there is very little clearance between the rear caliper and the rear wheel, not enough to remove the caliper and I cant see how you can remove the pads without removing the caliper so it looks like exhaust, rear shock and rear wheel might have to be removed.

As I cannot get hold of any kind of workshop manual for this bike i was wondering if anybody out there knows how the job should be done. At worst I could call a dealer but I hate doing that kind of thig as they know you are only tapping them up for information and dont intend to bring the bike in.

Check out the manual for the Piaggio X8 250 or the Xevo 250. Both should be online - look for the X9 Owners Club for help if not. The Engine and transmission on most Satelis, if not all, were Piaggio and I am pretty sure the 250 used the 244c Piaggio 250 ie engine used across the Piaggio/Vespa/Gilera/Aprilia range.

If you are going to remove the exhaust, hope the bike has been properly maintained and the bolts have been copperslipped. Make sure to properly copperslip on reassembly as the exhaust will be coming off for every brake service and tyre change.

Good call, Ill try that - thanks