The “Rottie” thread made me think about pets…

Do you have any? If so, post up a few pictures!

I have two jet black siamese cats (Guinness and Hobbes) and an Australian Cattle Dog named Max. I’ve included a couple of pictures of Max…I’ll have to post pictures of the cats from my home PC.





Max looks so cool and happy!


Sorry for yesterday Greg, I had a problem with internet connection. I couldn’t contact you

Sorry again

Yeah…Max is a happy dog. I adopted him when he was 4 months old from the local Humane Society. I knew when I first set eyes on him that we were going to friends for a long, long time…

No worries, man…

I assumed you were having “technical difficulties” of some sort.

My late doggie, Tico (a papillon). RIP.


Tico 2 resize.jpg

Tico3 resize.jpg

And a last one:

/EDIT: trying to resize Tico1


Here’s my baby…



Oh man…I’m sorry to hear of your loss.

How could you not love a face like that in “Tico1.jpg”?

Still cracks me up when I see it. Is that a smile or is that a smile?

It’s been 14 years since he died, and I still miss him and cry. He was my constant companion for 10.5 years since I was about 12.

All but the Tico1 are taken in my parents’ garden, which he ruled over. We never had any fences or anything, dad just took him round the garden showing him the boundaries. When he crossed them to go and have a look at who’s walking on the sidewalk, he’d keep looking back to see if we’d noticed. Very intelligent breed, and used quite a lot as hearing dogs. They have always been court dogs, in fact, Marie Antoinette had six of them. As a result, their pedigree tends to be very good. Ours was the odd one out in a family of international show winners, as he’s too tall so we couldn’t show him, nor did we want to. He knew, though, that he was by far the best bred in our family!

I’d love to get a dog, but I was spoilt by having the best there could ever be, so I think I’d compare any future dog to Tico. Can’t have one anyway, as live alone in a small Central London flat with no garden or even a balcony.

I’ve never heard of Max’s breed, Australian Cattle dog. Must look it up. He looks gorgeous, too! He looks quite cheeky…

this is my boy


That’s another big smile! I like Rotties, they’re such gentle giants.

I’m going all gooey now with all these doggies.

Going to ask the wife to hold my 4 cats still so I can take a pics of them!

And my babies !





Nice one Tim - keep the side up.

All this non-bike guff is doing my head in…


Whats it all about, this aint


Here’s my little dude , alfie


that Little dude has an evil crazy stare in his eyes, I bet bikes thieves will back off if that see that mutly !


Hi Tim,

I’m trying to teach him at the moment but he keeps licking everyone !!! , but when the bike is out he starts to bark , i place him on the tank and he looks through the screen while i ride along how cool is that!!

You are correct…it is NOT

It’s actually the “General Chatter” forum of a motorcycle site.

I believe you are looking for

Two doors down on your left.


Get that little dude down to ace on the tank, can he pop a wheelie ??


You nob, was only joking you little furry animal f*cker

So was I…

(And I didn’t find your girlfriend all that furry?!)