Petrol Prices

Petrol Prices 1983-2011YearPrice per Litre §Price per Gallon (£)Retail
Petrol Price
in constant terms
% increase ¶

¶ Note: this column represents the % increase over 5 years in the non inflation adjusted petrol price.

(Last updated April 2011)


Quite shocking really!

I couldn’t actually believe that i paid £20 to fill my bike up the other day! :w00t: Total rip off!!

When I got my first car, I remember being incesnsed that petrol went to 41p / litre…wish it was back there now!

When i started driving the price of a gallon of petrol was nearly as much as a litre is now :w00t:

Did they have petrol back then?

(If I don’t someone else will !!!)

Did they have combustion engines back then or was he driving around with a bucket of petrol on the back of his bicycle?

It was about 40p per litre when I got my first car!.. :crazy:

Oh guys back in a day in my (eastern europe) country I would get a bucket of petrol for free every other day from my friend working in a … factory. He would fill my tank and just dump the remaining stuff on a ground as it was to uncool to carry it back 10 yards. Silly days…

petrol prices in South Africa are where they were here 12 years ago :w00t:

I am very old, I remember coming back from a holiday and seeing it had gone to £1 per gallon, I was shocked!

this is really making my eyes water, costing me nearly 300 quid a mth in fuel at moment…