petrol prices

Hello LB people!This morning, I was riding along Holloway Road, in London, and notice a petrol station selling unlead fuel @ £1.10 and diesel @ £1.15!!! this country has gonne mad on fuel prices! The Government takes 65p on every litre! What a f**** liberty!

I wud join a protest against fuel prices if there was one!Sign this petition:

It`s £1.02 where i live and the most i have paid was £1.05 a litre.

Before christmas there was supposed to be a anti fuel price rise rallie but it was cancelled due to not enough people bothered to sign up for it.

my local Asda is still doing unleaded at 99.9p a litre. bargain if you ask me!

where’s ya asda then ? :slight_smile:

you see? everyone keeps moaning but noone bothers to do anything about it! there will never be any improvement if we all quietly agree to anything… :frowning:

You could protest by not buying fuel.

I’m not sure whether I’m advocating using fossil-fuel powered vehicles less in order to help the environment or doing a runner from petrol stations. Probably the latter.

Did you sign up for it then?:wink:

i’m not wealthy, but to be honest i don’t really care how much the petrol is. the bike will have it all anyway, so there is no point in whinging, is there? :wink:

ps. the more petrol the more HP!

did u know that everything is more expensive now because of the petrol prices i.e booze; cabs;food even having fun is more expensive now!! But no one seems to care and this goverment gets away with anything!

of course its worth whingeing…the government takes 70%, of the price of the fuel…this is ludicrous…

fuel and the vehicle are paramount to the worlds economy, we are about to enter a period of great turmoil, this could become the worlds largest economic downturn ever and it may just send everyone down…including China which is seeing unprecedented wage rises…

Things are looking tough and the price of everything in this country is too high heavily due to taxes…

thank you!!! totally agree with u mate! how many people in here wud take part in a protest rally againts rising fuel prices? or wud u rather keep quiet?

i’ll keep quiet but make up with the exhaust noise :wink:

what is really frustrating is another 2 pence is to go on the price of a litre in january you would think the chancellor would postspone it untill oil prices fall.let us not forget though bp and their buddies keep getting richer.

if bp and the club are filthy rich, and they only get what? 30% of the sale price?, imagine how rich the gov must be!!! taking the other 70% in taxes?i think i’m in a wrong club :wink:

Me too. I filled my car last week, the bloke behind the couter nearly fainted when he saw £94.00 on the pump! I, sadly, am used to that!:pinch:

foook that!.

do you drive a 17t ? :stuck_out_tongue:

well all i can say is its people like these that make it worse f…g stand up lads im all for going in head first kick ass then ask questions all we do is fluck…wing and moan what about getting off our asses and actully doing somthing insted of just sitting there thats why our goverment gets away with it i dont stand for no **** from anyone and never will ps ive had ass kicked ass well but im going down with pride

The problem is everyone moans and whinges about the price but nobody does anything about it, if everyone said RIGHT THATS IT and didnt buy petrol/diesel for lets say a week, the whole country would grind to a halt,as long as the pathetic panic buyers didnt PANIC BUY

I mean the public transport sytem would crumble as EVERYONE would be using it, the hospitals would be full because all the parents would walk to school with little Rooney and Chelsea and they may just have a heart attack actually having to walk, and Gordon (f’ing) Brown might actually **** off to somewhere he might be wanted.

I would be prepared to put myself out to to make a point but sadly i would be in the minority :angry:

sorry for being a sceptic.