Petrol. Is it all the same? What's your favourite?

I use Shell Vpower because I like the name and it makes me really fast. I had a temp job at Shell and it’s Dutch like me (although I’m not actually Dutch I just lived there) so I have an affinity with the brand.

which ever is cheapist.

so currently morrisons at £129.9 in st albans

I use shell but thats mainly because I pass 3 on the way back and forth to work

I’m surprised there aren’t a few BP users as well! :smooooth:

I use shell in the bike & the car (diesel in the car though) tried V-Power in the car and I seemed to get a lot better mpg out of it - however @ 8p/litre more I bloody need to!

When places like supermarkets buy their bulk fuel it may be from Shell/BP doesn’t mean they have the same additives in them though, and that’s the difference between the fuels really.

i have a shell card so try and use there petrol but out in the sticks i found an esso for only 131.9 a litre . got to fill up there lol

Such a loyal Shell customer with a loyalty card using an Esso garage :stuck_out_tongue:

My favourite is sunco 114 . . Thats fine sipping petrol with the bouquet of pump from the 80s vintage and none of the goodness missing .

Urgh, another thing to worry about 0_o I thought petrol was petrol…

But then again, I am a woman.

dont worry, i didnt care much until i’ve started riding a sports bike :smiley:

Couldn’t of said it better myself :w00t:

Couldn’t of said it better myself :w00t:

I don’t care too much as my upholstered, dumper truck engined, lump runs on almost anything.

One thing I do try to do is buy from busy petrol stations with a fast turnover. Lead free petrol reportedly has a fairly short tank life.

Don’t really mind as long as it’s not a super market or Murco (think I’ve only filled up on Murco in Rye so far).
Too many folks had fuel contamination problems with Supermarket petrol, good reason to stay away.

Shell in Barking close to the 406 is currently around 130.9 (Tuesday) or 131.9 (yesterday&today) for unleaded, so I’ll end up there probably often. The other one I use fairly often is the Total (or is it Esso? Never really looked) at Blackheath

Well I always understood it was all the same, except some had additives that didn’t actually do anything other than make theirs seem more attractive than the competition’s. I may be wrong though, but my experience from 24 years of driving certainly supports that theory.

Never touch Shell unless I have to, for the reason given above by Timeh above and from my knowledge of what they did to Trinidad…

Usually go to Tesco, it is just as good as the rest, is about the cheapest in my area, there is a station on my way to work where I can buy other things at supermarket prices, and I collect Clubcard points.

Haha every switch over to BBC 1 on watchdog. Theres a thing on there in a bit about Shell and their Fuel Save petrol and how it doesn’t really work.

In the LAke District we filled up at a petrol station that still had analogue pumps… you know the ones where you can see the dials working… talk about a blast from the past! :smiley:

Generally wherever I can find though I have a preference for Shell - mainly because the Shells in london usually have the pay at pump option… or at least the ones close to me

Haha thats quality… Lets just hope the reading is accurate or inaccurate in your favour.

I make my own petrol… A little bit of paprika,white sprit,vegatable oil. Last ages aswell

Joby does this mean you have an affiinity with Edam and women of ill repute in shop windows too?:crazy:

PS - We use any petrol and the only problem ever has been with a fill from the Esso station in Sherringham, Norfolk. Avoid at all costs. (Some contaminant, not identifiable)