Petrol. Is it all the same? What's your favourite?

Do you guys find that petrol is just petrol or do you prefer a certain brand.

I have noticed the following about different kinds of petrol:
Shell - lasts longer if you run just shell (the advert is true)… Is it worth it? Make up your own mind. I use shell as much as possible as it makes my bike feel a lot better.Tesco - Mate!, where does the petrol go. I find I cannot get a decent mpg using Tesco petrol. This is especially noticeable in a carBP - I also like BP petrol. My vehicles do perform on par with Shell’s petrol but I can’t justify the extra 2 or 3p per litre.

I use the local EESO solely because it has the pre-pay card reading machines meaning I don’t have to risk my bank account by handing my card over the counter. If the local Shell installed these I’d use them instead as they are always cheaper than ESSO, interesting about the mileage, will have to give it a try.

I use whatever is nearest when the bike gets thirsty, never thought it’d make that much difference to the mpg but maybe I’ll do a bit of experimenting.

Not sure why, but i prefer shell

@ JJON - I borrowed a mates 535 BMW and out of £10 of Tesco petrol I think it was something like 60 miles. 70 if i’m optimistic.

@ monkimark - It doesn’t really affect MPG that much to fuss about if you don’t mind what you put in the tank. My bike feels a lot happier with Shell and BP.

I have issues with buying from Shell, even convinced a friend to reject a job offer from them… Sucks to be me

LOL why?.. About the job I mean

when i had an older car a couple of yrs back i did notice the different tone in the engine using different petrols, would either be tesco or shell but seemed to run smoother/quiter on shell so always use shell, when poss.

Well… being brought up in Africa, they have an impressive track record of killing loads of people, and destroying the environment, cummunities etc etc So the idea of a good friend working for them was just unacceptable. Monsanto, Shell, News International - Nasty corporations.

Back to the topic! I use whatever is cheapest except Shell. I think Esso in Wilesdon has been consistently the cheapest I can find.

I mostly use the stuff Tesco throws out, only cos its on my daily route.

But I did compare the performance between the basic and super coolio stuff… …no difference for me in the end though.

I used to have a BMW 3 series coupe. Hated supermarket petrol, loved BP… …my wallet on the other hand, did not.

So I suppose in the end, there is a difference, but I would imagine your average engine will eat anything, without too much trouble. Only the high performance guys would probably benefit.


Stay away from murco jet and any super market fuel

Who supplies Tesco??

I don’t know who supplies Tesco but I think BP used to supply Sainsburys.


the difference is quite noticeable.

dont agree with them politics either, but the others are evil just as well. :frowning:

I dont worry, in the 'storm it isnt in there long enough… Also just having carbs it does not know what its running on, it just guzzles it down.

In my car it is different, the fancy V-Power/Excellium/whatever, does definitely make a difference, it lasts longer and the car starts better and has more WOOOO-HOOOO.:w00t:

Same Petrodollar body, but of the multiple monster heads the Shell one is the biggest :slight_smile:

The only problem I ever had on the SV (it dying at the side of the road for no apparent reason, then starting again after a short wait) was after putting a tank of Murco in. Dodgy additives, water in it, I dunno?!

sounds like water.

I get 42mpg with tesco, and 48 mpg with shell. I worked this out using three tankfulls of each.

I stick with shell and don’t calculate the mpg anymore.

i thought it was just me got unluck with tesco i thought the pump was wrong when i filled up from empty to the brim and half way throw my normall week with no ride outs i run outa petrol i was well pissed i normally use what evers closest and sainburys if im on a petrol run as its cheaper and iv neaver had a problem with there fule