Petrol Head Part I

Got myself a new project :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Bought it cheap as it was . Stripped gearbox amongst other problems. But decided to treat it like a propper project. (Is there any other way) :smiley:

Stripped completely. You should see the little piston it brought a tear to my eye lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Also bought a 1966 Ford Mustang Shell which I painted with 2 stage metallic PC paint and stickered up. The car Ive always wanted :cool:

Anyway will post some pics when its back together. Apparently It should do 50MPH :w00t: cant wait :smiley:

Anyother RC Petrol heads out there??? Boys n Toys :stuck_out_tongue:








Haha, you big kid :stuck_out_tongue:

oooo i used to have a subaru imprezxa that did round about 40mph had fun building that but alas it ended up smashing into a wall :doze:

hahahah wicked :smiley:

nice one,found some more for ya to do:D

and one more:P:D

Tugs just giving you some idea’s from his personel collection Ryan, he’s a bit nostalgic and likes to remember different forms of transport he used when he was younger :slight_smile:

Here’s another one of his :wink: