Petrol £1.19/L

Just saw the lowest price of petrol I’ve seen in bloody ages :smiley: (£1.199 Jet in Leyton)

Cheered me right up!

at least some good news today :smiley:

I saw on the news last night that the cost of Oil has plummeted so the government are going to lower the tax on fuel which will bring the price down on the forecorts

Wholesale crude prices have drop from $110/barrel to $80/barrel. However the government will not reduce the fuel duty nor the VAT. If fact there are rumours they are going to reintroduce the duty escalator if the price drops continues to drop.

They will not reduce their slice of the pie.

im sure someone will start a war to bring the petrol prices back up

Just for sh*ts and giggles of course…

Well at least the war can be a bit further away at these knockdown prices :slight_smile: