Petition to raise 'Filtering awareness'

Dunno if these things do any good but thought this one was worthwhile.

I’ve signed it - if the govt. will finance a campaign (similar to the recent ‘watch out for bikes at junctions’ campaign on tv) to raise driver awareness of motorcycle filtering - then it might result in drivers checking their mirrors the next time they decide to execute a spur-of-the-moment u-turn with no warning - putting their car/van straight into the path of a legally filtering motorcycle - this happened to me coming out of London - I was filtering on the outside of stopped traffic - a frustrated driver doesn’t check their mirrors and u-turns really fast, with no indication/warning out in front of me - I braked and locked the front wheel and went down - slid down road leaving nasty scratch down side of lid, lost visor, plus scratched engine casings and tank.

Funnily enough I must have learn’t something - as the next time it happened I let the front brake off when I felt the front lock up - stayed upright that time!:slight_smile:


signed :slight_smile: