Petition for LAA to be exempt from VAT on fuel like the Lifeboat Service

LAA is a charity that we as Londonbikers have done a lot of fund raising for in the past and conintue to do so but here is another way we can help them, please sign this petition to help them become exempt from fuel duty in the same way the Lifeboats (RNLI) are.

If they get 100,000 signatures, Parliament is duty bound to debate the issue, they have just over 30,000 at the moment.

I have posted this on facebook wall to so that hopefully people will share.

This is a service that I hope no one I know will ever need to use but sadly we have known people to need this very important service in the past and the funding and help they get is very important, I would imagine being fuel duty exempt would be a massive help to LAA.


cheers to bringing this up. Signed it, and I’m not shocked that the government wants their pound of flesh, but you would have thought that they would be exempt from fuel and vat duty.

Signed :smiley:

signed and shared on Fb

True Kevsta, it would seem that the RNLI have been exempt for some time now, I would have thought that exemption would apply to all services like LAA and the life boat service who provide life saving services to people in the UK, maybe it is because the fuel duty for the helicoptors would be a lot more money lost for the govement than that of a boat but I don’t know!

The thing is these services should be provide by the government. However given how crap the government are, and how the unions would creep into them, it is bloody good they aren’t.

RNLI is the countries biggest charity and they do a brilliant job, along with all the other Air Ambulances. And long my they continue.


Done :slight_smile:


Parliament isn’t duty bound to debate the issue. The 100,000 signatures means that the petition “could” be debated in the House of Commons if the Government decides to debate it.


While Government is crap, so is private business, or did you miss the recession caused by private banks? Or the numerous companies that go out of business even when the economy is doing well? Or the number of Charities that gain national headlines for delivering only a fraction of the money they collect?

Unions protect workers rights, whether in private or public employment. The main difference is the size of the workforce, usually larger when it is a public entity due to the national service provided and usually smaller in private companies, hence the Conservatives desire to privatise and indeed privatising things like Water, Electric and Gas, the privatised companies are much smaller, with smaller workforces which results in weakened union effectiveness.

Still a good thing to sign, but I agree that it is a service that the Government should be providing anyway.

Signed and also highlighted via our FB Page


Kaos, why turn this in to something else, to me it doesn’t matter about polictics (apart from obvously wanting the goverment to look in to this), it doesn’t matter about the recession, the big banks or workers unions, what matters is that as many people as possible sign this and try and get a very important live saving service more money to use for the work they do so please don’t turn this in to one of your legal practice posts.

Signed, without debate! :satisfied: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good boy because if you tried any of that debating stuff on my post I’d kick your back side :slight_smile:

signed it, well done Tiggi…

Signed - I think it’s a great idea, especially if the RNLI are getting it. Doesn’t quite seem right to me but then what do I know? I would just like to see it brought up in parliament and let them argue the yays and nays.

Good find :slight_smile:

Signed (once - will do the other one later)

Signed :slight_smile:


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