Petition against charging m/c for parking

Westminster council has recently put forward proposals to charge motorcyclists for parking their bike and this could take effect in the summer if we don’t protest NOW! Other London and UK councils have said that they have been thinking about it too.Below is a link to a free petition to ask the Government to stop councils charging for motorcycle parking. Please add your name and spread the word around…!

I started a petition and ammendment to charge motorcyle violations differently than a car… See in America there are a lot of trucks over 1 ton and a motorcycle shouldn’t get the same violation as them.

The law reads that vehicles (including motorcycles) under 23,000 pds are all in the same category for the ticket. So a dump truck taking up a whole block will get the same ticket as a motorcycle taking up one foot of curb space.

My revision gets read the next time the legislature comes into session, I will let you guys know how it goes.