Pete Beale engine guru

Hi all im after a bit of help please,Im presently getting the motor out of my R1 ex superstocker for a refresh and found a couple of Pete Beale stickers on the ECU.Would anybody know if he has a webb site im interested to know what work he may of done on it in the past.

Thank you

P.S sorry if this is in the wrong section but thought i would aim it at an area of people most likely to know.

Got a mail from the man himself :slight_smile:

If it’s a superstock bike, surely he’s been limited to what he can do?

Correct Pete as a Superstock it would be limited ,But within the rules their is some room to play with the engine.Reduce gasket thickness to improve compression ratios,timing advance,PC111 with custom map, and a few other little bits. After it finished its life as a superstocker and prior to me buying it i have learnt that somebody gas flowed the cylinder head and fitted some kit parts.

hope hes better at bikes than he was an actor in eastenders?:smiley: