Pest Controller Anyone?

Morning all,

Anyone on here a pest controller or know one who covers south east london (sydenham).

We have a problem and I need it taking care of, this one is beyond my skill set so need to get in the pro’s this time.

Ratcatcher (Wasps other half) will be your man, although he’s in SE Essex and I haven’t seen either of them on here for a while.

Yer Sam was my first thought but I know where she lives and I think it will be too far for her other half to come over.

might drop her a text anyways just in case

Probably is too far for Ratcatcher, I think he plies his trade on the London Essex borders, although he may know of someone in your back yard.

What pest do you have?

What about Council pest controllers?

Wolverines I reckon.

I live in crystal palace, it’s the same here, it’s probably a infestation of ped riders …SORRY not constructive at all …

I believe they migrate to higher grounds in the summer.

of all things Rats.

fecking nightmare.

It is happening because the people downstairs just dump crap in their garden! as we are on the first floor I’m not convinsed we’ll ever completely get rid of them.

yup had to laugh the other week when two going along trying to impress each other and slammed on the anchors on the other did not and they plowed into each other. Almost to to pull over I was laughing to much.

Is it something the landlord or freeholder may be able to help with? They might have some influence in getting the downstairs neighbour to solve the problem at source.

For pest control, I’d go to the council - they’ll have someone set up to do it.

Tried all those usual poop as I work I have to pay etc etc. They will do very limit things like fill holes after but thats it.

HA will not do anything unless more than one person complains about it and we could be waiting for freakin’ ages.

I’m happy to pay out, but just after someone who may have a recomendation rather than a random call.

What was that TV programme a while back now? You want that guy with the Jack Russel… wasn’t he in London?

Where’s the rat…

Ask ratcatcher as he travels all over london working on under ground … or he can advise at least .

Just waiting for Sam to have a talk with him.

Shoot them, then when the rats of finished off their remains, kill the rats, :smiley: