Personal fitness trainer

Anyone ever used one?
Any recommendations?

Cheers :slight_smile:

my missus, I train with her every night, keeps me in good shape:D:P

if your a member of a gym your looking at about £40(ish) an hour/session

however what I do know is most of them are actually freelance so if you approach them rather than going to the desk you will probably get a better deal…

Useful to know mate…Cheers for that…Been looking at LA fitness’ website…Still looking :slight_smile:

1 of my mates has just started taking clients - he was the marine who put Gordon Ramsay through his paces on his TV show. He caters for all abilities, you could ask him for a price just to get an idea :slight_smile:

yeah if you join a gym, they usualy have an option for this. where i go i see a trainer every week, he is very useful

Thanks for that…Appreciate it

I’ll put you though you paces son, you looking to beef up?