Personal Accident Insurance

After hearing about Da Artist and a guy off another forum whos just broken his pelivs I went to see a friend whos in the know ref this and I’ve just paid £210 to cover me for the year. I NEED it as I’m self employed and secretly worry myself everytime I go out on bike thinking if I got knocked off and injured I wouldn’t get sick pay, no-one to help me out, how would I survive etc.

Would you get £140 for every day your in hospital… starting on day 1!!! (most start after a few days).

What about when your now out of hospital but still unable to do much (but prev had at least 1 night in), would you get £100 per day for sitting watching the footy? (maximum double the number of nights your kept in)

Would your family get £20,000 for your life should the worst happens (its not alot but not a life insurance policy here).

What about an operation, would you get £500.

How about £200 for a minor fracture… toe, finger, nose and £1000 for a Major… any other bone

Example - (which includes Racing, Trackdays, Extreme sports, NO LIMITS, even fighting in the street, including Europe, USA, Canada and Oz/New Zealand)!!! You do a trackday, have an off, break a wrist but are kept in overnight for observation and are off work for 6 weeks. This would be a fantastic payout for something very common amongst us all…think about it!

This was sold to me mainly because of the riding I do, now I may even have the balls to do a trackday knowing I have this policy behind me just in case. This guy sells to mainly motorbike racers, motocrossers etc. If anyone wants his number then PM me. (Hope I’m not breaking any forum rules by posting this but I think its worth posting)

You could just bang your toe on a door frame, break it and still end up with £200 AND the premium rates paid to you go up 5% every year too!!!

Boing’d for the Cubana crew, will do the same in the morning if its dropped again.

Seriously, this IS worth it, especially for the trackday gods, and with the amount of shit drivers in the city that don’t look out for bikes.

Yeah, I may have a chat if a catch u Friday…

I posted this one up before, I have this cover for my racing and other extreme actions. There are various levels of cover available. Wish I had had it last year when hit by a hit and run driver.


Yes they have the different levels and services. I just took the highest accident hospital plan, they do loss of earnings too (which thinking about it, maybe i’ll take too as I get paid very well lol)

The less you want to pay, they less you get paid

They do attend road race meetings, motox events and trackdays, bikers/racers are their biggest customer I believe as I THINK they are the only company that includes this. Most racers are covered by them and have had great payouts as you can imagine.

Cheers for the PMs, have passed on Tonys number. I will carry the details with me at all meets should anyone wish to ask me about it.