Person Down



Didnt get the front wheels down quick enough


What I see on that picture: an old lady in pain on a wheelchair unable to move and needs help. She is propably shocked too. Shame on you Loo, it’s isn’t funny. Maybe it’s only mu point of view, much different that english kind of homour… Sorry if I’m not understand a joke in it

I think that’s horrible… I don’t think that’s nice at all.


Her expression is a hoot She dont look in pain to me. She looks quite comfy…well, as comfy as one can look when stuck in a ditch with some twit pointing a camera at you!

Wooden overcoat job next ditch she’ll be heading off to… this was prob’ly just her test run!

Actually, I think it’s f**king hilarious!

I think it’s a bit sick and cruel to be honest.

Yeah, me too.

i think that horrible and not very funny

told you them bridgestones were crap

i think that is well funny!! she does not look in pain just a bit peed off at the council for clearing up that diesel spill. if she was in pain and screaming i’m sure the people there would be helping her no end, there probably just waiting for some other help to lift her out safely!

How do you know?

who caught me out rideing!!! my stoppey wasnt very good ahh!!!.lol

If i had have been there when it happened,i think i would have been shocked and upset for the old girl and i certainly would have stayed and tried to help in anyway i could.

Even though i was not there i can still see it was a traumatic experience and who knows it could have led to worse circumstances.

But when a picture is posted up like this,i really dont think that the originator is spitefully thinking ha ha serves the old girl right,surely theyve just stood back and seen the funny side to it.

I am sure she may even look back soon and laugh at it herself(but then she might not).

Just my 2 pennies worth,and to people who really didnt find it funny,then you are entitled to that opinion,we are all different.


here here lol

she wasnt hurt so in that case its funny

I fink some of u are being really wicked takin the p*ss outa some poor old girl that aint got her racing line rite, but i recon i know wot she’s finkin whilst her elbows still on the tarmac …should i fighter it or turn it into a trackday fing Come on lighten up, it must be something 2 tell the grandkids


how the hell did she miss that!!!

only filter when safe too…

poor maid…but what a palava!!!..

nice one lou!!!


look out for granny

Lighten up people, if it was a young person you’d find it funny - that’s ageism

I think my mum may have pushed her into the ditch trying to steal it - she’s been threatening to mug other little old ladies to get one for ages - must be the wind in the hair experience!